Norain once said, “Overconfidence will drown you in the sea of reality” and this statement stands truest in all forms. Overconfidence always sinks ‘the ship’ and is the most dangerous form of carelessness. By January, 2021, there was a major dip, and the daily count became as less as ten thousand. The government had proudly announced that India had finally won the battle against coronavirus, but they were unaware that they only won the battle, and not the war. In the aftermath of this subside in cases, the central government went on a spree of opening up everything and easing lockdowns. Top health experts warned against this, even predicted the deadly second wave. But these were ignored upon. There were cricket matches, election rallies, etc. Seeing this approach, people thought that the ‘tyrannical regime’ of covid19 was finally coming to a merry end. But little did they know that it was the silence before the storm, a storm so hazardous that it would bring the world’s biggest democracy on its knees.

Starting with the election rallies; the government and politicos are accountable for the havoc caused by the second wave. The COVID-19 cases crossed over 234,000 on April 17, the very day our PM, addressed an election rally in Asansol, where he congratulated the crowd and declared that he had not seen such crowds at a rally before. This callous politics has endangered the lives of innumerable people. If our political administrative leaders had even an iota of concern for the common people, then public health measures would have been more strictly enforced during election rallies and other mass gatherings and this man made tragedy of enormous proportions could have been avoided.

During the first wave, the healthcare system of India got exposed, and incompetency, underinvestment, and corruption was detected in our healthcare system. As aforementioned, after the first wave, the government had time to prepare, but as for the government, they were enjoying their butterfly days and invested their time in the ‘productive’ rallies. The catastrophe which has hit the people is agonizing. There are no beds in hospitals, no oxygen for patients, no COVID tests on time and vaccines have run out. The cremation grounds have run out of space to cremate the dead, and India is literally burning. In 2020, everyone contributed in PM care’s fund which amounted to a whopping 9,677.9 crore ($1.27 billion). An impeccable and commendable audit had been made public and a plan was set for spending the funds, but due to poor implementation, hardly any work is seen.

To sum up, accountability of government is integral to democracy, and the government must be held politically and morally accountable. The apathy of the government which remains in brazen denial is unacceptable.