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  • Book a practice debate for your team!

    1 hr 30 min

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A debate in the WSDC format has two teams of 3 speakers facing each other, the Proposition and the Opposition. Each speaker speaks for 6 minutes. From the 2nd to 5th minute of each speech, the speaker will also be open to questions or statements from the opposite team known as ‘Points of information’. At the end of the 6 speeches, each team will also have the option to deliver a 4-minute summary known as a reply speech.


Once you have gone through the due procedure to book a debate, the team at Atlas shall match you up with a random opponent team, which has opted for a similar time slot. In case an opponent team is not available, the team at Atlas shall contact you via email or telephone and reschedule your debate. 

The debates shall take place on an online platform. The Atlas team shall send you the link for the same via email.