Being a group of students, we tried at hand at different activities during the lockdown. After indulging in activities ranging from cooking to cycling, we found respite in one of our passions: debating. Being avid debaters from a young age, we now realized how limited the opportunities of online debating were. As we suffered through the days of lockdown, routinely scrolling through social media, looking for any forum to further hone our skills, the idea of creating a debating platform for students struck us. As we practised for the handful of online debates that were available, we realized the lack of exposure to a diverse range of like-minded people to practice with. Therefore, we decided to break free of our monotonous practice regimes. Understanding the importance of having a strong platform to practice debating, we came up with Atlas. 

             Founded with the idea of providing an online platform for debating, we wish to be a lot more than that. Realizing the lack of instruction in the field, we wish to provide for the exchange of knowledge between experienced debaters and yourself. We wish to help you walk the road to success by being an interactive and learner-friendly organization. Much like a debating club, we provide you with the opportunity to practice debating on a diverse scale. Our goal is to be a place where you can learn to debate and deliberate on issues that really matter. We wish to provide the speaker inside of you with a forum for self-expression and help you hone your abilities to a greater level. 


John Keating from the Dead Poets Society said, “No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” Thus we strive to bring to you Atlas, a place where you can find your voice and learn to express it.

As we felt the year pass by with endless Zoom calls rolling into each other, we realized the importance of communication. While we sat behind our screens, expressing our thoughts through the medium of ‘texts’, we realised the importance of vocal expression. We realised the inevitability of human conversation and the exchange of ideas. 

         Keeping this very ideal in mind, Atlas was born. Our only aim is to provide a platform for communication. In a world full of obfuscating and confounding ideals, Atlas wishes to be a forum for the youth to express their opinions and interact with people who share similar interests. We wish to be a place where people can voice their ideas freely, to be a platform for the exchange of a plethora of ideas, to be a platform for the exchange of knowledge unbound. We aim to bring together voices from all over the world to share their ideas. We aim to be a place for you to debate and deliberate. To be a place for you to speak up and be heard.


Since the online world has been primarily devoted to the conduct of studies and classes, Atlas strives to be a place for self-expression: a platform where you learn to deliberate on issues that matter and voice your beliefs.

                                  We wish to take a three-pronged approach towards debating: starting from webinars and classes to booking practice debates and organizing tournaments. Our agenda for the masterclass is to provide basic knowledge about the intricacies of debating; to talk about the absolute essentials and get you started as a novice debater. In addition, we wish to organize webinars on a regular basis to help you walk the road to excellence. Another one of Atlas’s interactive features is the option to book a practice debate. It allows you to participate in a mock debate with opponents from across the world and practice to perfection. By booking a debate you get hands-on experience with other people who aim to voice their opinions. Moreover, we wish to organize tournaments to not only give you more practice but also challenge and motivate you. Our primary aim is to be a platform for connecting people all over the world with the power of words.


Striving to provide a versatile and user-friendly platform, Atlas is a place where you can have your queries addresses and attain a clearer perspective about debating. . While most of this will be dealt with in our masterclass, we wish to be an interactive and learner-friendly platform for you. With all our activities being held online, we will constantly endeavour to provide you with the most realistic virtual experience possible. With our practice debate feature and tournaments, we wish to provide you with the experience you need to excel in the field. Our only purpose: to provide you with an online platform where you can learn to express yourself from the comfort of your home and practice at your convenience. Atlas aims to be the place where you can learn to voice your beliefs and be heard.




Abhigya is a pupil of class 11, reading Mathematics, Accountancy, Economics, English and Political Science. He is highly involved in extracurricular activities and is a part of several organisations in College. Abhigya has a keen interest in Public Speaking and has been engaged in both inter-house and inter-school debates. He is also an active member of the MUN circuit and has represented the college on numerous occasions. His awareness of everyday affairs has made him an exquisite quizzer as well.

Abhigya has been a part of the College football team for the last two years and has represented both, the city, and the state in regional and national level football tournaments respectively.  Alongside with that, he has managed to maintain an untainted academic record, having been consistently placed in the top ranks of his class. Having an interest in economics, Abhigya also serves as the Vice-President of La Martiniere Economics and Business Society. 



Arnav is a student of class 11, reading Mathematics, Economics, Political Science, and History at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. Arnav is a member of the La Martiniere College debating team and has been felicitated at many national-level events. Being an ardent public speaker, Arnav has also served as the Director of the Model United Nations Society and has won laurels at many MUN conferences throughout the country. 

Arnav also holds the position of a House Prefect and actively participates in all school events. Having played tennis from a young age, Arnav has won a plethora of awards at the district, state, and national level, and has also led the College team to victory on several occasions. He takes a keen interest in athletics and swimming and is a part of the College basketball and football teams as well. Being one of the school toppers in the ICSE Board Examinations, he has also managed to maintain an ideal academic record. Being an economics enthusiast, Arnav also serves as the Founder-President of the La Martiniere Economics and Business Society. Additionally, he has a passion for writing and occasionally writes articles on different platforms. Being a part of the United Nations MGCY, he is heavily interested in researching and discussing global issues. 

Founding Director


Alyssa is a student of class 11, reading Mathematics, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, and English At Delhi Public School R.K. Puram, New Delhi. Alyssa is a member of various clubs in school which include the Debating Society, the Editorial board, the Youth Parliament/ MUN club and the Music Society. She is also a member of the Student Council. Over the years, Alyssa has maintained a constant academic record which has consistently placed her among the top ranks in her class. 

Alyssa is an ardent believer in the power of public speaking and debate in furthering the spread of ideas and information. She has won both national and International MUNs such as Harvard MUN Dubai and India, besides from being felicitated in debates across India. Additionally, Alyssa is the youngest member of the UN75 National team under which she started a podcast called HOPE that engages with experts across fields on issues surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals. She has acted as a youth delegate in various interactions with Foreign Ambassadors to India. Further, she has a keen interest in research and has written a variety of research articles on the themes of International relations, economics, and world affairs.


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Advik Unni is a 16-year-old student studying at GEMS New Millennium School, Al Khail. Apart from being an avid debater and reader, he is passionate about STEM, aiming to work at the intersection of science and society. He is a firm believer in the transformational power of knowledge and wants to make a difference in society. 



Bhavya Rana is 12th grade student studying humanities at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. He has observed public policy and political economy intimately through his experiences as a research and development intern under Shiri Satish Mahana, Minister of Industrial Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh. As a social entrepreneur, he established XSpark, a walking tour agency, endorsed by the Uttar Pradesh Ministry of Toursim, and personally mentored by Shri Neelkanth Tiwari, Minister of Toursim, Government of Uttar Pradesh. He has shown great proficiency in political research, conducting an independent research about the Impact of Digitization on Business Models of the Global Business Ecosystems. Under his vast belt of work experiences, his role as a Business Strategy Developer under The Wave Group, India's leading mall chain. He has also carved out a niche for himself in public speaking, being the Director of the Atlas Debate Club. He is also an acclaimed member of the Debate and Model United Nations Clubs at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. Moreover, he is a national level player and winner in Badminton, leading the school team in the term 2021-22. His diversified interests also include economics, serving as the Founding Member of the La Martiniere Business and Economics Society and as the Chief Administrative Officer of the International La Martiniere Business and Economics Conclave. 


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Siddhartha is in grade 12 reading Accountancy, Commerce, Legal Studies and Mass Media and Communication at La Martiniere College. Siddhartha is also a photographer which makes him the Member of the Media Team of his college. Siddhartha has attended various Model UN's both in the capacity of a delegate and IP member as well. He has a keen interest in world politics. In his free time, he likes to read and play the guitar.


Siddhartha aspires to open his educational institute one day and provide free education to children with Special Educational Needs. 





Ananya Kohli is an ambitious student. Having graduated from the Lawrence school Sanawar, she is currently taking a gap year and forwarding her interests in many aspects. An avid debater and MUN delegate, she is always up for a good argument. Apart from her academic pursuits, she is also an avid reader, swimming enthusiast and binge movie watcheR.